Five Rivers Metorparks – Englewood & Buck Creek State Park

On our way home from Indianapolis we decided to stop at a couple parks.  The first one was Englewood which was a part of the Five Rivers Metroparks.  The area was pretty flooded, but it was still beautiful with plenty of paths to walk on.

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After cooling our feet off in the water we found a path that ran along the river.

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Eventually we came to a spot that was flooded so we could not continue.  We went back to the paved path and found a bridge.


The view from the bridge revealed a creek streaming over beautiful formations of rock.  Naturally, we went down to explore.

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Soon after this discovery we left.  As we drove out we got a better idea of how big the park actually was; you could spend a whole day there exploring, if not more.

Next stop: Buck Creek State Park.  And we found a beach!

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We drove over to another area of the park to finish our subway for dinner and found a clearing that led to a disk golf course.

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We ended up along the reservoir and found another path.

816 817 818

At a higher elevation along this path there were cabins.  I think this would be a really fun place to rent a cabin and do some camping.  Also on this path I had a little scare – I heard a commotion behind me so I turn around and here are two people on horseback trotting at a pretty brisk pace right toward Reno and me.  Apparently, they accidentally went off the bridle trail.  It was pretty funny.

At this point it was starting to get a little dark and we were still about two hours away from  home, so we made our way back to the car and continued the trek back to Parma.


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