Days of the Dead

June 25th

We set out for the horror convention Thursday morning.

Reno being a good boy in the back seat:


Stopped to get gas.  ‘Where you going, daddy?”


We arrived in Indianapolis in the late afternoon.  We took Reno for a little walk around a random park before getting some Pizza Hut.  Normally I wouldn’t have taken Reno, but I had no one to watch him – so along he came.  The reason we arrived a day early was to see Coheed and Cambria that night – my favorite band.  🙂


June 26th – Day One of the Convention 

Jake went to go check us in to the convention and get our lanyards.


He also went to take Reno potty and Tobin Bell walked in while Jake and Reno were heading back to our room.  He asked to see Reno, so of course Jake got a couple pictures.  He said he hoped to see Reno again later, which he will.



We decided this day would be the clown day – we all dressed up like clowns, and Jake was the Joker, of course.


Dressing up was definitely a lot of fun.  😀  The plan was to leave Reno in the room for little bits of time while we were at the convention, but he just wouldn’t have anything to do with that.  He just kept barking and barking and barking.  Luckily it was a pet friendly hotel, although I did have his card with me just in case someone said something, but nobody seemed to care.  In fact, he was a star!  Everyone loved him.  Some people thought he was a stuffed animal and then he would move and they were shocked.  Very amusing.

We saw a lot of cool costumes.



040 723 733 717


Waiting in line for pictures for Tobin Bell:


Tobin Bell picture:


I didn’t think Tobin Bell was going to give Reno back.  He started walking around with him and the photographer started taking pictures of just him and Reno.  They said they would print that one, but never did, but we told Mr. Bell about it and he said he was going to get a copy.  So potentially, there is a picture of my dog in Tobin Bell’s house.  hahaha It was cute.

Sid Haig:


There was a horror makeup contest that we sat in on for about fifteen minutes, but the presenter was drunk and boring and the guy sitting next to us was the drunkest guy in the room so we ended up not finishing that one out.

Time for dinner:

726Restaurant in the hotel.

Lobster Mac N Cheese


728Out of costume.


Reno all cuddly between me and the wall; taking a nap.  No one even knew he was there.  hehehe

Later in the evening there was a band and karaoke.

June 27th- Day Two of the Convention 

Jake dressed up as the Joker again:


Danny dressed up as the crow:


I dressed up as….nothing.  :-/ ha


There was a tattoo contest this day that Jake entered.  I ended up leaving early because the presenters were getting more drunk and loud and obnoxious by the moment and Reno was getting a little frazzled.  Jake won second place for his back tattoo, though.  There wasn’t a whole lot going on today and the vendors closed pretty early, so we relaxed in the hotel room for a bit.

Just some adorable pictures of Reno:

                          757 741

                          046 731

10:00 PM there was a costume contest.  Again, I did not stay – it was loud and I didn’t want Reno to get too freaked out.

June 28th – Third and Final Day of the Convention 

Ric Flair:


Jack Noseworthy


Sid Haig


Felissa Rose


We looked around at the vendors a little more.  The signings for the pictures was this day as well.  We also attended a Q&A panel with Bill Moseley, Sid Haig and Kane Hodder.

Here are some pictures of some of the vending tables:

11692631_10205676095234489_4008612251947445885_n 11667262_10205676094834479_8212587601910852382_n 11667406_10205676082594173_4766028514755024583_n 11694758_10205676081154137_3596709420186238318_n 11700887_10205676067593798_6003446677705641855_n 11692485_10205676067513796_6678141046723860797_n 11698511_10205676064553722_8190345720850688067_n 11667516_10205676064593723_5759570714589808582_n 11694013_10205676058233564_1582739358589730488_n 11665758_10205676057553547_8356470605414516467_n 11709808_10205676057113536_484943604149529740_n 11209413_10205676055553497_8761092331808040116_n


There was definitely some cool stuff there and some neat costumes.  It was a little smaller than expected, but we were still well occupied all three days.  I enjoyed it.  The only complaints I would have was that they were a little disorganized and their presenters were so darn drunk that it was really affecting their performances in a negative way, but neither of these things were bad enough to ruin our time or prevent us from attending another Days of the Dead event.  😉

We left Indianapolis around 4:00 PM and stopped at a couple parks on the way home, but that is a separate post.  🙂

Thanks to Danny, Jake and Belinda for some of the pictures.  🙂


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