Apartment Hunting

When I got divorced and moved into this apartment it was already small, but manageable.  Then my boyfriend moved in with me and now it is ridiculously small.

Furniture on top of furniture.

Bumping into furniture because there is hardly any room to walk.

Piles of clothing because there is no where else to put it.

No counter space – it’s mostly being used for storage.

A couch and a chair being used for storage.

A perpetual mess.

I can’t stand it!  The anxiety it gives me is ridiculous.  Maybe I shouldn’t have so much anxiety over something silly, but I do, and I hate it!  We really want a house, but do not know where that should be.  I have yet to get a permanent teaching job – maybe we would want a house close to the district.  Not to mention saving can be so difficult.

So, we decided that when this lease is up (December) we are going to find a bigger apartment.  The place we are at now has lots of community amenities, but all we really care about is the pool.  So for the space we actually have to live in, it is not worth what we are paying.

I have five pages of apartments to consider.  I guess we will just have to find the one that is best suited to us for the right amount of money, but there are so many variables.

Location.  Somewhere close to family and work or somewhere farther, but more worth the money?

In-suite washer and dryer or just laundry facilities…expensive laundry facilities?  Convenience may win this one.

One or two bedrooms or a townhome?

A place that has most utilities covered?

Oh, I also have a small dog.  He has a service license, but I am not sure all apartments honor that.  And even if they did, I think I would feel weird about it.

So many options in so many different combinations.  More anxiety.  No clue which way to go.

Well, at least we have until December to physically look at places and weigh the options.  Oh, that means we will potentially be moving during a snow storm.  Ha!  That’s ok though, I can deal with that.

The quest for a living space will be commencing over the next 6 months.  🙂

Any suggestions/advice?


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