Westside Market

A couple days ago we decided to go to Ohio City and visit the Westside Market.  It is a lot cheaper than the grocery stores and better quality for the most part.  It is also nice because it is all locally grown produce and local meats.

I decided I had to take a Westside Market selfie.  Ha!  Yeah, I am being a dork.




The first building is the produce building.  All the vendors are SOOOO nice!  There was definitely a lot to choose from, including some more exotic fruits that I didn’t even know existed.  I swear I was a bunny in a past life…or maybe a lizard…I just LOVE vegetables!  So of course we got a ton of those, and we like to make smoothies so we got a ton of fruit for that.

11390202_10206747957314785_2110641968695317554_n 11028356_10206747957714795_2394048539646095375_n

The second building has mostly meats and seafood, but there are a lot of random stands as well.  Breads.  Bakery.  Indian food.  Greek Food.  Snacks.  Pasta salads.  Cheese.  And my favorite: the olive stand.  They have olive salads and plain olives, but they also have large green olives that they stuff with various cheeses and meats.  We got gyro olives and rosemary goat cheese olives.  At Easter they have Easter bunny surprise olives.  It is a chocolate covered peanut in the middle of the olive.  It sounds awful, but I was surprised at how scrumptious they were!

11027932_10206747958194807_5033013052496813848_n 11402804_10206747958554816_849050706969291585_n

The Westside Market is a lot of fun to go to.  Actually, Ohio City in general is fun and has a lot to offer.  Tons of different kinds of restaurants and cute, unique shops.  There is a little book store there that I have been dying to check out.  Great Lakes Brewery is there, too.  Awesome food, tasty beer, and sometimes they give you tours of the brewery.  Definitely a place to go if you are in the Cleveland area.


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