Mill Stream Run Reservation

We weren’t exactly sure what we were going to find in this area (Strongsville).  Found a short horse trail and then the paths were all along the road which we don’t like because its loud and there’s tons of traffic and bikers.  We try to avoid those paths if we can.  It also makes me nervous when we have little Reno with us.  It’s not like there is a tree lawn either – it’s path and then street.

11392780_10206746273472690_8201081818336230762_n 11407185_10206746274112706_1494155014409920264_n 11209398_10206746275032729_62700270337646297_n 11210421_10206746276192758_607133073475471726_n

Found a little froggy friend.


Well since we didn’t want to be on the road we went to see what we could find in the opposite direction.  Ended up coming across Bonnie Park.  It’s interesting how everything connects sometimes.

11392937_10206746275992753_3195823342552199464_n 11401311_10206746276552767_7171992205157049141_n 11403458_10206746276992778_3013273046322094317_n 11407007_10206746277152782_8034563519002028892_n 11407230_10206746277952802_6862659835226943275_n

Toward the back of the park there is a little field and a path that enters the woods so we started following it.

11390182_10206746278552817_1515881557456011186_n 11412448_10206746279072830_1449301136212382489_n 11428727_10206746279512841_1425911017975913776_n 10525685_10206746280072855_8223662682777611594_n 17672_10206746280352862_7254639783244948220_n 11427248_10206746280712871_1009740549237087853_n 1533756_10206746280952877_4728073715075666848_n

Reno ended up rolling around in goose poop.  Ugh!  So Jake is giving him a little mini bath:


We continued to follow the path, but it was starting to get really muddy and difficult to walk through.  It was humid and there were tons of bugs.  There were some pretty pictures to be taken, but it wasn’t the most comfortable walk we had been on.  It was actually getting kind of tiring and we were really starting to hope for an exit.

11535672_10206746281512891_5012035679326683872_n 11535898_10206746281872900_4141169918725625742_n 1972513_10206746282432914_7239729223217438722_n 11391787_10206746282672920_5410459844859195043_n 11415319_10206746282832924_8750413542840354720_n

Finally!  An opening!  Please let there be a solid path up there! hahaha


Well there was:

10420204_10206746283432939_2895141558381683381_n 11424722_10206746283552942_1047627407862059802_n 11392978_10206746284112956_4362656225509044781_n

This road led to a field which led to a paved path.  At this point, we stopped by the creek to wash the mud off our shoes.  Unfortunately, while entering the water my foot got stuck in some mud and my flip-flop ripped apart.  I ended up walking barefoot the whole way back to the car, which got pretty painful at times; however, Jake gave me the best foot rub of my life when we got home.  😀

So, not the most enjoyable hike we have been on, but it was still pretty and it would be nice to go back when it’s less humid and after a dry spell.  Oh, and Reno got a nice bath, too!


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