Lower Fern Hill

Our plan was just to grab some food and eat it at the park, but we ended up doing a little exploring as well.

Reno joined us for lunch.


Being hypnotized by the food, which I don’t understand because he only gets human food once in a blue moon.


Trying to get food. hahaha Silly picture.


After we ate we explored a forest trail and the creek in the area.  It was a brief walk, but a nice day and we saw lots of deer too.

11427211_10206726977550304_9113858473062882775_n 11412190_10206726977310298_7961505899112752079_n 11407304_10206726978030316_8194653954762440244_n 10543641_10206726977870312_8843428991907322040_n 10308888_10206726978550329_8277090683952812545_n


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    1. Tinny Time says:

      hehe thanks. He’s my little baby 🙂

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