Blood Waterfall

We were exploring the woods under the giant bridge in the Metroparks.

We found large rocks along a creek, and a waterfall.

Everyone else disappeared.

I walked along the rocks to get a closer view of the waterfall.

Suddenly, there was an enormous splash at the bottom of the fall.  It was so giant that I was worried it was going to come at me like a tidal wave and pull me right off of those rocks.

The splash subsided and there was a woman standing at the top of the waterfall.  This is where we dump the dead bodies, she stated.  I looked back to the water and saw them.

She then proceeded to demonstrate this to me over and over.  Blood was everywhere.

I was terrified and just wanted to get back to the people I was with.  I had two options,  1) the long way all the way around through the forest paths, or 2) back across the rocks which would take me directly to the bridge.  The latter would take me across the blood splattered stones.

I opted for the second one, trying my best not to get blood on my hands and feet.  I was almost there.

Then I woke up.

Ahhh! Creepy!


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