Hinckley Reservation

Today’s adventure: Hinckley Reservation in Hinckley, Ohio.

In the past I have sort of grouped like-pictures together, but this time I am going to post them in order to take you on our little journey.  There were tons of pretty scenes to take pictures of.  🙂

We started out at the Hinckley Bathhouse.  People fish here, play in the water, have picnics and lay out in the sun on the man-made beach.

11248252_10206668874377761_968490259779044453_n 11169870_10206668874537765_1828134253129170211_n 11148737_10206668875697794_4975707934817222264_n 11008406_10206668874857773_1682087082196341012_n 11391171_10206668875297784_14244524521823547_n 996112_10206668875897799_5678954749009024836_n

Then, we made our way up to the lake and the trail that begins there.

11224022_10206668876057803_3405546659177613524_n 11393129_10206668876257808_8335726161107734816_n 11228043_10206668876497814_7224231228522597823_n 11391455_10206668877017827_7802680842672800654_n

Jake always likes to find trees to climb.


We found an “off the beaten path” trail to explore.

11391094_10206668877217832_3745776737503580689_n 11351402_10206668877497839_663510400858714103_n 19416_10206668877657843_5312162093158586845_n 11393067_10206668877977851_5689457684313711267_n

Back on the main trail.

11391452_10206668878257858_3678769751545255107_n 11390134_10206668878817872_7870929843215370298_n 1554440_10206668879737895_7545882932214968522_n

Awesome view of the trees and the sky.


Great view of the lake.

11391732_10206668879177881_5186338420190831402_n 11295574_10206668879497889_4369383441048487449_n 10686705_10206668880257908_7635839167460969970_n



Found another path through the woods.  Reno was definitely having fun.  And another neat picture of the sky through the trees.


We made it to the opposite side of the lake where you can rent all different kinds of boats or buy some snacks.  They also have a little deck to sit at, shaded by the trees.


There was a nice view of people on the lake.  We also found a lot of nice areas that made for pretty pictures.  This is about our half way point.

11295929_10206668881657943_6523662264412652667_n 11264903_10206668881977951_8387137679150524853_n 10409677_10206668894658268_6509678238791901163_n 1795789_10206668894978276_615155129850787026_n 1907539_10206668895498289_3174825822688367910_n 1507077_10206668895778296_3842610278611126155_n 11246187_10206668896058303_9189086938213060181_n 11392821_10206668896338310_4604519540436098717_n 11200774_10206668896458313_819782303170864664_n 10489886_10206668896978326_1370711781390821313_n 10155980_10206668896778321_1410381953088640212_n 11329959_10206668897138330_3280975085298411586_n 11295570_10206668897658343_8515347506829175245_n 11392866_10206668897858348_6477163289843015204_n 11109287_10206668898338360_2488712555179561671_n

After exploring the area, we made our way up to a path from the creek.

11168060_10206668898618367_2208606917197371012_n 11228043_10206668898898374_1339594226629446992_n 10931217_10206668899618392_896038938233143759_n

Jake found a vine to swing on.  🙂


Found a really gorgeous area and also discovered the panoramic option on my phone.  😀


We continued our journey on this trail and found some swampy areas of the lake.

11159992_10206668900138405_5484501838863662658_n 11295708_10206668901058428_3803507054590075836_n 1012877_10206668901218432_5228653274920142954_n 11168427_10206668904658518_6447664655769374361_n 11219458_10206668914018752_9044700796438801133_o

Toward the end we found a grassy area with benches and overlook of the lake.


We came full circle back at the bathhouse and cooled off in the water for a little bit.


And that concludes the Hinckley Reservation adventure!

Afterward, I gave Reno a bath and it was time to relax.  Naptime for the puppy.  🙂



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