Brooklyn Reservation

A couple of weeks ago I had an errand to run in Brooklyn and afterwards decided to check out the Brooklyn Reservation.  The part we were at was right next to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.  In fact, if you get “lost” enough you could make your way into it through the woods.  Of course, we didn’t do that.  😉

There was a very large park with some picnic areas, a creek and some playing fields.  There was also a trail through some woods and a little pond.  The area was nice, but it was not nearly as intricate as many of the other places we have gone.  It is also very loud.  The highway was actually right behind the pond we visited.

What was cool though was as we walked in a giant circle, we went over this huge bridge that is directly over the zoo and therefore, we were able to see the majority of the zoo from up there.  It was kind of neat because, although we were rather high up, we could see some of the animals that you normally cannot see when you are actually in the zoo because they are always hiding.  😀

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