Berea and the Cleveland Metroparks

This was definitely a fun hike.  We went through the metroparks, but there were also some areas that are technically not part of the metroparks, but are still just as neat.

We started off on some trails in the woods and also ended up going down around the creek.

11012733_10206600669672686_2419913497515846617_n 1508093_10206600670312702_7785531894497653949_n 11149539_10206600701473481_5103890931206181706_n 11266432_10206600732154248_4076561288594195230_n 11057502_10206600738354403_2505303810734544741_n 11009138_10206600799195924_3245294091369270742_n 11295663_10206600776115347_7394625447989619268_n

We ended up over by Wallace Lake.

11010980_10206600799595934_4039974407440777644_n 11377294_10206600800155948_7677886188441748860_n 10988087_10206600800555958_5940869930596596069_n 11224834_10206600801195974_7325625301651946461_n 11351314_10206600907278626_5325306982036904193_n 18894_10206600916718862_2881746701963426019_n

Then we found this little clearing surround by trees called the Music Mound.  It had a stone for a podium and stones for seats.  It also had a little stage area and lots of little paths behind it.

11012361_10206600801955993_8926787761269925094_n 11350501_10206600802556008_5010549906348393390_n 10996528_10206600809396179_1092330049777440063_n 17400_10206600852557258_5077936889799899730_n 11351333_10206600858437405_6659885605881526790_n

We continued to explore the surrounding area.

17400_10206600859237425_7702688949417668173_n 11108988_10206600874197799_290473621480010955_n 11058688_10206600919158923_5833576498311208125_n 11248803_10206600918918917_171783579689687076_n 19388_10206600920558958_3651005105031716106_n 10505555_10206600925919092_2242303449503790846_n 10411082_10206600926199099_1198422311480663579_n 63469_10206600932999269_6949085784017529465_n

We found a really neat area by the creek.  Unfortunately, we were losing light, so the pictures were not coming out that great.  It was definitely getting a little creepy, but it was pretty awesome.

11011603_10206600916918867_4694334325333762994_n 11205497_10206600918678911_1037890848952379815_n 994122_10206600917198874_2928480941522978581_n 11014966_10206600917518882_2502890523050883833_n

We will definitely have to go back to this area during the day.  After this, we headed over to Coe Lake.


By this time it was dark, so again, definitely need to go back while it is light out.  There are lots of forest paths around the lake and neat places to sit and enjoy the scenery.  There was also a gazebo that looked pretty cool from across the lake.

11013569_10206600918238900_7555703109924569187_n 11350531_10206600918478906_3699430593734172685_n

What was also pretty cool about this hike was that all of these different areas were really close to each other.  It only took about five minutes of walking to get from one to the next, and maybe about ten minutes or so from Coe Lake to our car.  There is more to be explored and many places to revisit.  Definitely going back!


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