Ridegwood Reservation and Lake to Lake Trail

I did not have a lot of pictures for these locations so I am putting them together in one post.

The first one is the Ridgewood Reservation, located in Parma off of Ridgewood Dr.  It’s really close to Broadview Rd and Seven Hills.  There is the usual paved path and then some dirt paths that go through the woods.  There is also an open area that is nice, but they are still constructing it.  They are trying to recreate the marsh lands and they have bird areas and butterfly areas.  There is a little nature center that was pretty cool with plants growing on the roof.  There are also  educational signs everywhere telling you about the area and plants and animals.

11248798_10206579359019933_4758403465214528662_n 11233090_10206579359299940_8499463343145358467_n 11217674_10206579359699950_2983463892198699163_n 522093_10206579359899955_2505606176556836595_n 11350895_10206579360139961_7414516777271167328_n

We wondered through the woods a little bit and stumbled upon an interesting area.  It looked like a little outdoor church and there was a random flight of stairs.

11150757_10206579360339966_1691695082035057465_n 11233090_10206579360539971_4667703971770068147_n 10922525_10206579360779977_1797615052197083468_n

It turned out we were on some camp grounds, but we figured we weren’t really supposed to be on that property so we left pretty quick.


The second location is a Lake to Lake trail that goes between Issac Lake in Middleburg Heights and Lake Abram in Berea.  it is about two miles or so between the two. I have already posted some pictures from Lake Issac in a previous post, but here are a few from Lake Abram.

11111222_10206579362300015_158715790379614124_n 11329773_10206579362700025_5947855216430404598_n 11350766_10206579363780052_4931742394667249394_n

It is really more of a huge marsh area, but there is an area of straight water farther back from the boardwalk.  Across the boardwalk there is a man-made pond and a small, but unique playground.  There were no paths in the wood, but we went and explored a little bit anyway.  We found this pretty clearing – very swampy though.  We didn’t stay in there too long since the terrain was pretty rough – we had to carry Reno through a lot of it and we did not have the correct attire on.  We also found some remains of an animal and a couple giant piles of feces that made us wonder what animal that big was hanging out in these woods.  It creeped us out a bit so we got out pretty fast and went back to the car.  🙂


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