Big Creek Parkway

More adventure time!  This particular park is located in Parma, along the parkway, between Snow Rd. and Stumph Rd.  There is parking at either end and a park/picnic area closer to Snow Rd.  There are two paths – a higher one and a lower one – but of course we found our own little paths in the woods and explored down in the creek.

11205993_10206568315263846_2400649719759451875_n 11146622_10206568316023865_7472671123119903127_n 10995355_10206568315543853_8062804552283182259_n 10407642_10206568317583904_1203663634602498269_n

Jake is always climbing random trees.

11351238_10206568316503877_8004431324951392198_n 11216574_10206568317183894_4572662860196336136_n

We found some random little stone towers; meditation stones perhaps.


There were a lot of pretty pictures to be taken.

11329803_10206568317903912_3872567992868382816_n 11206004_10206568318343923_4385799470926980474_n 11350854_10206568318143918_6403609351580307574_n 11109525_10206568319103942_2761816083990957674_n 11268076_10206568318663931_4032575064370063059_n 11011203_10206568319303947_8585109688947819850_n 11201182_10206568319823960_1688768061300275810_n 11261736_10206568320303972_1745129497200760690_n

Most of the time we bring Reno with us, unless its too hot or we feel the terrain will be too difficult for him.  He usually does surprisingly well.


Awwww, sniffing the flowers.


Right before getting into the car, he found a spot that must of smelled really good.  He was rolling around like crazy.  🙂


Adventure 2: Complete.


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