Hair Care

I’ve always liked to dye my hair and have fun with all the different color combinations; however, I’ve always kind of avoided it because of the damage it does to my hair.  I especially like to put a little bit of blonde highlighting in and of course the bleach just does the worst damage to my hair.  And I see people with dyed hair and it looks so healthy – mine just ends up looking fried.

I finally came up with a hair care regimen that allows me to dye my hair while still keeping it healthy.  A lot of products I tried in the past did not work, but I found a handful of items that have worked wonders.  All, with the exception of one, are from LUSH.  This store is based in Canada and, as a result, there are not an exceptionally mass amount of stores in the U.S., but each state has a good handful of locations.  Also, besides the fresh face masks, everything can be purchased online.  They are known for their fresh, handmade cosmetics (everything from face, hair, and body care to perfume and makeup).  LUSH has vegetarian options and vegan options and they do not test on animals.  Overall, I have fallen in love with this store and all the products actually work.

Alright!  Let the hair care routine begin:

The first thing is trying not to wash my hair.  That is pretty difficult since my hair tends to be a little more oily and one of my jobs is working in a restaurant where I leave smelling like breadsticks and alfredo sauce.  I end up washing my hair every other day on average, but if I am bartending, rather than being in the kitchen, I can get away with an extra day.  In between washes I use dry shampoo to help me through it.  LUSH’s No Drought dry shampoo works great!  I just sprinkle it in before bed and in the morning all the excess oil is gone, but my scalp does not feel dry or itchy – it actually feels pretty soothing on the scalp.  It is made with grapefruit and lime and smells amazing!


Second, I use a LUSH shampoo called Blousey.  It is specifically made with damaged, dyed, and bleached hair in mind.  It is very moisturizing and non-stripping.  This shampoo smells like blackcurrant and juniper berry and the main ingredient is bananas; therefore, it is preservative free!


Third – conditioner.  Specifically: American Cream.  Another product that is very moisturizing; it leaves my hair very soft and manageable.  It is thick and creamy, but doesn’t weigh my hair down.  It is made with honey, oranges, lavender and strawberries and it smells like vanilla and sage.


Fourth, I have a pot of Marilyn.  LUSH also makes hair treatments and this is one of them.  It is specifically made for blonde hair, natural or dyed.  It keeps my hair from turning orange with lightening ingredients such as lemon, saffron, and chamomile.  Marilyn is also loaded with protein, vitamins and minerals.  It makes your hair blonder and brighter, shiny and glossy, and all around healthy.  You simply cover your hair in Marilyn and let it sit for about 20 minutes before shampooing and conditioning like normal.  One pot lasts you quite awhile – I have pretty thick hair and only have to use a little bit to completely cover my hair and the results are wonderful.


Fifth is the one product that is not from LUSH.  It is a Deep Repair Masque that I found at Sally’s Beauty Supply.  It is a Coconut Oil cream that I comb through my wet hair in the shower, leave in for about 7 minutes, and then rinse out with water.  It helps to reconstruct damaged hair.  I was a little skeptical, but tried it anyway, and  I am happy that I did.  It does not leave your hair greasy at all – just soft and healthy.


Finally, the last product: Shine So Bright split end treatment.  Despite all this excellent hair care, you are still bound to get a few split ends here and there.  This balm repairs and helps to prevent splits ends.  Eggs add shine and protein which equals strength. It is also made with coconut oil, olive oil and shea butter.  The fragrance is wonderful too – orange flower, grapefruit, neroli and rosewood perfume.  The little tin lasts forever.  You put a little bit on your fingertips and then rub the balm on to the ends of your hair.  While acting as a treatment it also acts as a styling product, removing any frizz at your ends.


So there you have it!  Awesome, luxurious hair care that actually works.  This combination works really well with bleached hair, but it works just as well on hair dyed other colors or hair not dyed at all.  You can always tweak the products – maybe a different hair treatment or a lighter conditioner or a shampoo that suits your needs.  LUSH allows you to return any products you do not like, they are very generous with samples, and they have smaller or larger sizes of some of their shampoos and conditioners.  However, if taking care of blonde/bleached hair is your concern (or any dyed hair – you just wouldn’t use the Marilyn) this definitely works!


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