House Project 1

So!  I have decided to re-do one of the rooms upstairs.  We moved in our house in February of this year and the whole basement and first floor is finished and very pretty.  The gentlemen who lived here before us never planned on moving so he was fixing up the house.  The first floor walls are shale and he put in new insulation.  The electrical was redone.  He built counters and cabinets in the dining room and cabinets and a mantle around the fireplace.  He had put window treatments on and built a fence around the yard….redid the kitchen.  But then they decided to move closer to his wife’s sister and build a house in Medina.   So we ended up finding this beauitful house (you don’t find houses like this in parma that’s for sure hehe) that was just in our price range – a real steal.  Also turns out I went to high school with their daughter.  So it made the whole process much more comfortable.  Other than that the process was a roller coaster nightmare!  Every week I was crying, then happy, then crying hysterically, then ecstatic.  It was terrible.

So anyway, the upstairs doesn’t HAVE to be redone, but it could be.  Except for that bathroom.  I never imagined I would have a decent sized bathroom with a built in vanity and plenty of storage space.  We were originally looking in Brunswick, but it turned out that our house in Parma was $99,000 and the same house in Brunswick (same amount of rooms and bathrooms) was between $120,000 and 200,000, which was way out of our price range.

Anyway, I got off track.  The one room upstairs is going to be my office/craft room.  And the room is ALL pink.  Pink walls, pink carpet.  Pink is ok, but not that much.  Also, the walls upstairs are plaster so there are a bunch of cracks.  And there is a little water stain on the ceiling and some water damage on part of the wall by the window.  They fixed these problems and when we got the crazy rain from Sandy there was no leaking.  (although there was a small leak in the attick by the chimmney and the wind ripped off some of our siding…ugh)

Now I have never done any of this before in my life, but I am going to try to make it look as best I can.  So I got some spackle and started filling in all the cracks.  There were so many cracks that I went through one and half little tubs of spackle. hehehe  Then the other day I primed the walls.  My dad came over to keep me company (my husband is out of town on business) and ended up rolling a little bit for me while I finished the trim.  Very nice of him.  🙂  Now today I am going to start putting the actual color on.  Pale Daffodil.  I am making it similar to my bedroom at my parent’s house.  I love the pale yellow.  It’s not an obnoxious yellow and it makes the room so bright and warm on sunny days.  Gives me warm fuzzies inside.  Unlike my husband I sleep well in soft warm light whereas he needs it pitch dark.  Needless to say when we do the bedroom it will not be pale anything. hehehe.

When Nate comes home we are going to rip up the carpet.  It’s not in terrible condition, but its dingy where its been walked on the most and like I said….pink.  Then I will paint the baseboards and put some mop and glow on the wood floors.  Pretty much all the house is carpeting so I think it would be nice to have one room wood floor.  I really loved this area rug at this furniture in crocker park, but it was over $1000.  A little much for an area rug.  They had ones somewhat similar on ikea for $150.  For now my little yellow flower rug will have to do.  🙂

Eventually I will paint the ceiling.  Probably should have done that first, but I don’t have the money for that right now.  I will just have to be very careful.  🙂

I am trying to get this done my Christmas.  Eeeek!  I happen to know that my parents and Nate’s parents are getting me some furniture for this room for Christmas so I want it all to be done so I can put it right in there.

Well time to start painting.  Then off to Wendy’s.  I’m craving a vanilla frosty.  🙂

001 - Copy

Here is all the cracks filled in and I started putting the trim tape up.


The one big white spot below the window is where the water damage was.  I just spackled the hell out of it and sanded it down as smooth as I could. 🙂


All primed!


Looks so much different already.


Yup I didn’t want to attempt moving this stuff by myself. hehehe  I’ll wait til Nate gets home and we rip up the carpet.  And I happen to know that my mother-in-law is getting us another book shelf.  Yay!  I’m sick of half of our books being on the floor.  One day I want my own in-house library! hehe

So these are some before picture.  I will put more pics up as I go.  Then I’ll have to put a before and after picture next to each other to see the difference.  🙂  Wish me luck!


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