Brew Garden

I finally got to hang out with one of my best friends a few days ago – Michelle.  Our schedules are always opposite, but at last, we found a day that worked.  So, we went to Brew Garden.  Yummy food with a lot of vegetarian options and yummy drinks.  Yay for Happy Hour and patio…

Operation: Save Peanut

So about a week ago, a baby squirrel appeared on our balcony.  He seemed to be stuck, couldn’t get up or down, and mom was nowhere in sight. We named him Peanut.   We decided to wait a few days to see if he found his way, but no luck. So that is when we…

Fall Wreath

I made a little fall wreath a few days ago.  I love doing these kinds of crafts.  It’s so relaxing.

Grilled Cheese

Potato bread, organic cucumbers, Amish butter cheese.