This is what you eat when you’re really hungry and only have random stuff left in the fridge. hehe Must. Go. Grocery. Shopping.

Si Senor

That’s the name of the restaurant where I got this scrumptious mango margarita.  Had a good amount of vegetarian options, too.  Yay!

“The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion.”

Found this on Facebook and loved it.  So true.  People run their mouths all the time, but do not do anything to actually change the world.  Because a lot of people are fake and wouldn’t actually do something like this.  It’s like being kind is way too much work for people these days.


Silly kitty.  He’s always sticking his tongue out, too.  Not so much here, but almost. hehe

Soapy Soap!

Bought this soap at World Market, one of my favorite stores of all time! This soap is made with all vegetarian ingredients and is triple milled with shea butter.  Long lasting cleansing and moisturization in a great smelling bar. 

Walk with the Broken

Beautiful The world is filled with such terrible people.  And some people aren’t so terrible, but they don’t care about anything except for themselves and how they can get ahead of everyone else.  It’s so depressing.  Society is really degrading in my opinion.  The world would change so much if people had mentalities more like…


I have this game on my phone that I am just obsessed with!  It’s called Flutter and you collect butterflies.  I have a cute little birdie that sends my butterflies on missions for prizes.  And I have a froggie that I feed treats and in return it spits out flowers that I use to attract…

Candy Land

Yes, we played Candy Land the other day.  Ha!  Old, old kid’s game, but I love it.  Brings back warm fuzzy memories.

Fluff interrupting my Bible study. hehe I had Kallie at my parent’s house and at my old house.  When I moved to an apartment I was not able to take her, so she stayed with my parents for a little bit.  Now that we are in a larger apartment I have her again.  Yay! :-) …