White Bean and Potato Soup with Sauerkraut

I am trying to do more cooking. It is healthier for you and less expensive in the long run. For during the week I like recipes that aren’t going to break the bank. Since it is winter – soup is my go-to. After a long work day in the cold I could eat soup every…

Figs In Honey Bubble Bar

I haven’t done a BUBBLE bar in quite awhile. I think the Polar Bear one was the last bubble bar I had. They have all been bombs and melts since then. So this was fun. Bubble bars you hold under running water. You can crumble it up a bit, but I wouldn’t recommend that with…

Winter Storm

Well we got another winter storm last week. Kano and I decided to enjoy the pretty snow. Briefly, though. It was cold!


When all that snow starts to melt we get some pretty neat icicles. 🙂

Throwback Thursday – 2010

This was from when I went to Huntington Beach in the dead of winter. It was beyond freezing with the wind coming off the lake. Standing on a frozen wave was fun, though.

Winter Wreath

I decided to make a wintery wreath to replace the Valentine’s heart I had hanging up. This little birdie. hehe And Kano just because he’s adorable.

Winter Wonderland

I’m sorry, but I love snow. It’s so pretty. Kano definitely wants to go out and play in this. Reno gets excited about snow for about a minute, but then has had enough. He’s content to stay inside. He needs a grooming though. I love this picture of Kano. He looks like a little dog…


The office has a great view for the sunrise. This one was probably the prettiest one I’ve seen. Gorgeous!!

Beauty Sleep

Facemask time!! This mask has so much good freaking stuff in it! Orange juice! Lemon juice! Pineapple juice! Valerian root! Coconut! Mullien leaf! Linseed! Wheatgerm! Avocado! Primrose! Neroli oil! Myrrh! Honey! On top of that, it also has Gorgeous in it, which is Lush’s most luxurious moisturizer! Nourishing! Moisturizing! Calming! Soothing! Toning! Polishing! Hydrating! Radiant…

Butternut Ginger Soup

It has been so stinkin’ cold the past couple weeks. With wind chill we have been getting into the single digits. Next week the highest it is going to get is 27. Most of the week is 21 and lower. I don’t mind 30’s and I really love snow, but when it starts to get…